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Veszprémi területi bizottsága

Lux et Color Vesprimiensis 2019

A VEAB Alkalmazott Fény- és Színtani Munkabizottság nemzetközi konferenciája

Időpont: 2019. október 10-11.
Helyszín: Völgyikút Ház (8200 Veszprém, Kopácsi u. 2.)

Program schedule of LeCV 2019 (updated 31. 08. 2019)

10. October, 2019 – Thursday

09:00     Registration     
10:30     Opening of the Conference

10:50 Peter Blattner (CH) Current activities of the International Commission on Illumination CIE
11:10 András Poppe (H) LED Luminaire Supportive Development Environments and Use Cases from Delph4LED Project
11:30 Róbert Nagy (H) Comparison of Flicker Evaluation Methods and Instruments Capability
11:50 Balázs Újfalussy (H) Experiments from the World of Lighting Technology for Secondary School Children

12:10     Exhibitors     Introduction of Exhibitors
12:20     Lunch break

13:50 Balázs Kránicz (H) Deconvolution of Spectral Measurements with Spline Interpolation
14:10 Genevieve Martin (NL) Multi-domain Optimization of LED Based Solutions with the Help of “LED Digital Twins” – a Case Study
14:30 Ernő Keszei (H) Matching Wine, Bottle and Illumination
14:50 Lang Vincent (B) Need for a New Glare Criteria Adapted to Urban Lighting and New Technologies
15:10 Luc Schlangen (NL)     Non-visual Effects of Light: New Metrics and Insights

15:30     Coffee break

16:00 Luc Schlangen (NL) CIE Recommended Practice and Examples S026 Quantities
16:20 Đenan Konjhodžić (D) Characterization of Blue Light Hazard
16:40 Matej Kobav (SL) Flicker Experimental Set Up and Visual Perception of Flicker
17:00 Krzysztof Wandachowicz (PL) Experiences and Challenges of Road Lighting Quality Verification – Luminance Distribution Measurements

17:20     End of first day scientific programme     
19:00     Social program, Gala Dinner

11. October, 2019 – Friday

09:00 Christophe Marty (F) From Technic to Emotion: How Scientific Approach of Light Can Produce Amazing Effects for End-Users
09:20 László Balázs (H) Optimizing LED Lighting for Experimental Plant Growth Unit
09:40 Emese Ábrám (H) Colour determination of dental materials
10:00 Peter Blattner (CH) Development of CIE Illuminant L
10:20 Steve Fotios (GB) Which Metrics Are Needed to Specify Good Lighting for Pedestrians

10:40   Coffee break

11:10 Hegedüs-Hantos (H) Elaboration of a Life Time Dependent LED Model
11:30 Peter Schwarcz (H) Review and Proposals for Upgrade of Metrics of Useful Lifetime of Professional LED Luminaires
11:50 Udo Krüger (D) Vision based robotic
12:10 Mitterhuber Lisa, Magnien Julien and Kraker Elke (A) Thermal Investigations of Power Cycled Flip-Chip LED Modules

12:30     Lunch break

14:00 Péter Gál (H) EURAMET project: Future Photometry Based on Solid-State Lighting Products (PhotoLED)
14:20 Ágnes Urbin (H) Measuring the Effect(s) of Chromatic Adaptation on Colour Vision
14:40 Roman Dubnička (SK) Measurement of Obtrusive Light
15:00 Alen Hajnal (US), Krisztián Samu (H) Measurement and Visual Perception of Ambient Optic Array
15:20 Dionýz Gašparovský, Jana Raditschova (SK) User Preferred Light Levels and Lighting Technologies in Home Lighting

15:40    Closing of LeCV 2019