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Mélységképek feldolgozása és felbontásnövelése (Processing and upsampling of depth images)

Előadás 14:00 | 217. előadóterem

Dmitrij Csetverikov (MTA SZTAKI) tudományos előadása Mélységképek feldolgozása és felbontásnövelése címmel (Processing and upsampling of depth images)

Recently, there has been remarkable growth of interest in the development and applications of Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth cameras. However, despite the permanent improvement of their characteristics, the practical applicability of ToF cameras is still limited by low resolution and quality of depth measurements. This has motivated many researchers to combine ToF cameras with other sensors in order to enhance and upsample depth images. In this lecture, we compare ToF cameras to three image-based techniques for depth recovery, discuss the upsampling problem and survey the approaches that couple ToF depth images with high-resolution optical images. Other classes of upsampling methods are also mentioned.

szervezi: SZAB Informatikai Munkabizottság

kapcsolattartó: Dr. Dombi József – e-mail: