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Szeged Dynamics Day – konferencia Hatvani László akadémikus 75. születésnapja alkalmából Stability theory with applications in life sciences

10.00 óra/09.00 óra – 103-104 előadóterem

Szeged Dynamics Day – konferencia Hatvani László akadémikus 75. születésnapja alkalmából

Stability theory with applications in life sciences


  1. June

Chair: Tibor Krisztin

10.00 Tibor Krisztin: Opening

10.30 Jean Mawhin: Differential systems with nonlocal boundary conditions

11.00 Tibor Csendes: The proof of the Wright conjecture on a delay differential equation

11.30 Patrizia Pucci: Systems with critical nonlinearities and Hardy terms

12.00 John R. Graef: Oscillation of advanced functional differential equations of even order


Chair: István Faragó

14.00 Michael C. Mackey: Understanding, treating and avoiding hematological disease: Better medicine through mathematics?

15.00 Barnabás M. Garay: Moving average network examples for asymptotically stable periodic orbits of monotone maps


Chair: László Simon

16.00 Hans-Otto Walther: A delay differential equation with a solution whose shortened segments are dense

16.30 Péter L. Simon: Control of epidemic propagation on networks by using a mean-field

17.00 Ferenc Hartung: Permanence in a class of delay differential equations with mixed monotonicity


June 27.

Chair: Miklós Rontó

09.00 Jianhong Wu: Ordered homoclinic property and generic convergence of semiflows monotone with respect to a high dimensional cone

09.30 Eduardo Liz: The Lasota equation revisited

10.00 Mihály Pituk: A Perron type theorem for positive solutions of functional differential equations


Chair: László Hatvani

11.00 Gergely Röst: Asymptotic stability for non-autonomous linear delay differential equations

11.15 Maria Vittoria Barbarossa: On the interplay of in-host and within-hosts dynamics

11.30 László Csizmadia: What have I learnt from Professor Hatvani?

11.45 László Székely: Small solutions of the damped half-linear oscillator with step function coefficients

12.00 Attila Dénes: Modeling the impact of quarantine during an outbreak of Ebola virus disease

12.15 János Karsai: Vaccination strategies in the models of Varicella

12.30 László Hatvani: Closing remarks

List of poster presentations:

István Balázs: Periodic solutions of a differential equation with a queueing delay

Eliza Bánhegyi, János Karsai: Visual introduction to modeling systems with delay

Ferenc Bartha: Graph representations

Ferenc Bartha: Global stability of an echo-based control

János Dudás: Global stability in difference equations

Ábel Garab: Structure of the global attractor for delay-difference equations

Szandra Guzsvány, Gabriella Vas: Saddle–node bifurcation of periodic orbits for a delay differential equation

János Karsai, Zsolt Vizi: Visual introduction to bifurcations

Gábor Kiss: Controlling Mackey–Glass chaos

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